Nightmare Factory Book Club MEETS TONIGHT

~post by Steve(n) W.

As the fluorescent lights flicker and the recycled air goes swampy, as the corridors stretch endlessly in front of you, and you realize you may not be alone in the labyrinthine hallways of BookPeople, you can take grim solace in the knowledge that whatever fate may befall you is just a part of the natural order of things.

Your panicked mind starts free-associating paranoia. Monsters eat people. That’s what makes them monsters. If they didn’t, they would just be ugly pets. Like pugs. Science dictates that monsters be scary, and there is definitely a scary monster in here with you. You don’t hear its labored breathing until you start to run, but, by then, you have already tripped over the shattered skeletons of the unluckier members of the Nightmare Factory book club.

Their failure imbues you with strength. If the beast has already consumed this motley crew of horror fiction fanatics, then surely the poisons that slalomed through their veins must be wreaking havoc on the brain of your pursuer. This competitive edge is all you need, and a final spurt of adrenaline leaves the creature gasping in your dust and sends you sailing into the sanctuary of BookPeople’s cafe on Tuesday May 20th at 8:00 p.m. (TONIGHT!) to discuss Relic by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child with whatever contingents of the Nightmare Factory have survived the horrors behind you. As the shellshocked book club takes its seats, you can’t help but wonder, though, “are any of these people monsters in disguise?”.

In the preceding month, the Nightmare Factory book club has devoured Relic – Preston & Child’s succulent morsel of a bio-shock thriller. Part police procedural, part bureaucratic power struggle, part speculative anthropology, all flesh-ripping monster hunt, Relic paces the darkened subbasement of the American Museum of Natural History, silently stalking its next victim. Amidst the clamor of preparations for the grand opening of the museum’s newest exhibition, visitors, guards, and staff begin vanishing in the night, their grisly remains hinting at a killer with cunning, determination, and claws. Relic is an infectious riot of blood, bullets, and biology that, in spite of its campy whimsy, has no shortage of brains.

The Nightmare Factory book club meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 8:00 p.m. in BookPeople’s grindhouse of a cafe to gossip and gripe about the chilling world of macabre fiction with all the mirth and gallows humor that goes with it. We’re always listening for new voices, so, if Nosferatu fingers have ever tickled your fancy, swing by for a chat with some like-minded new fiends this Tuesday May 20th at 8:00 to pick over Relic by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

ALSO! In a terrifying display of symmetry and fate, DOUGLAS PRESTON will be here Saturday, May 24 at 4PM discussing his latest book, The Kraken Project. The threads of fate pull us together in strange and mysterious ways folks, until you realize you are bound and might never be free from their hold… And with that, we leave you with a trailer for the guilty pleasure film adaptation of Relic:

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