Shteyngart Penning ‘International Thriller’


Random House has announced a fourth book from bestselling author Gary Shteyngart, according to the New York Times. Currently titled Hotel Solitaire with a 2017 pub date, the novel is described by Shteyngart as, “…a family drama set in the high-stakes world of global finance, moving from upstate New York to Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai… It’s about how power is disseminated in the world today and what happens when a spreadsheet jockey trades in her Excel for a Glock 22.”

This announcement comes just days before we welcome Gary here to the store to speak about & sign his new memoir, Little Failure. (He’s here this Saturday, March 29 at 7pm.) Thank goodness the pressure of What do we talk about while he signs stock??? has been relieved. He can just recite from memory whatever chapters from the book he’s already written and we can give him our sentence-by-sentence feedback. PHEW!

We can’t wait to see the book trailer for this one. James Franco as James Bond? A high speed, cross-continent dachshund chase? The possibilities are quite endless.

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