The Nightmare Factory knocks on The House Next Door


~ Post by Steven W.

There is something very wrong with the BookPeople cafe. It is not haunted, per se – it is too new for that – but it is a bad place, and it attracts bad people. Case in point, THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY book club will convene there tonight to discuss a damning tale of supernatural transgression The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons. Ordinarily a jovial assortment of gregarious goofballs, the Nightmare Factory is transformed monthly into a fiendish flock of horror literature aficionados by our mere proximity to this dire dungeon. Join our merciless mob this evening at 8:00 p.m. for a corrupt conversation about the depravity that lies dormant within us all.

The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons is a chilling parable in the southern gothic tradition about the inchoate potential for wickedness that lies just below the surface of any seemingly polite society. A decidedly unspectacular couple in the throes of middle age must confront a conduit of calamity as their quiet community collapses under creepily questionable conditions. They must challenge their preconceptions about the nature of reality and identity as they struggle to extinguish an evil that may just be in their imaginations. Of course, there is always the possibility that the horror may be emanating from the house next door.

Join the NIGHTMARE FACTORY book club tonight, March 13th at 8:00 p.m. to share your experience of The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons with a league of like-minded lunatics. The Nightmare Factory meets every month to discuss horror fiction in all its incarnations, and we are always looking for fresh converts to be contorted by our crass constructs. Like I said, the nascent nastiness of the BookPeople cafe can’t be attributed to your run-of-the-mill ghosts. Rather, it might have something to do with a certain book club that meets there on the third Tuesday of every month.

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