Review: ONE MORE THING by B. J. Novak

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One More Thing: Stories And Other Stories by B. J. Novak
Reviewed by Steve(n)

Tightrope-walking between the heartfelt and the absurd, the short fiction of BJ Novak balances high above saccharine whimsy, but, when it does take a deliberate tumble into irreverrent silliness, it climbs back into its native, rarefied air with a guilty, knowing grin on its face. Beyond any other theme, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories celebrates the redemption of the ridiculous. Hinging profound, hilarious, and occasionally heartbreaking narratives on preposterous propositions, BJ Novak heightens the level of discourse by thoroughly exploring the worlds he has created – worlds in which the most unlikely and fantastic ideas form the foundation of an astonishing experience.

Sentient sex robots, cereal boxtop contest winners, girls who give great advice, and deceased concert-goers are among the implausible characters to populate the imaginative worlds of One More Thing. It is through this ensemble cast that BJ Novak finds his uniquely curious voice, and the consequent sense of wonder refracts the perceptions that the players in these fanciful worlds experience. The wry wit that makes his writing (and producing and co-starring) on The Office so compelling varnishes the stories in One More Thing to a supremely satisfying glisten.

BJ Novak will be appearing at BookPeople on Wednesday March 12th at 7:00 p.m. to discuss One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories, answer audience questions, and generally be an all-around terrific dude. All events at BookPeople are free to attend and open to the public. If you would like to have anything signed, we only ask that you purchase a copy of the aforementioned One More Thing from BookPeople. Take a break from Austin’s SXSW madness this Wednesday to relax in this little patch of Scranton that we’ve built for you over at BookPeople, Texas’s largest independent bookstore.


Can’t make it to the event but would like a signed, personalized copy of the book? You can order a signed copy via We ship all over the world. 

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