Indies First!

Earlier this year, bestselling author Sherman Alexie issued a call to arms to authors nationwide: show your support of your local independent bookstore by volunteering to work! And thus was born Indies First.

On Saturday, November 30 (also known as Small Business Saturday), a team of Austin authors will put on BookPeople lanyards and test their book savvy right here on our sales floor. Come by and find out which books our author friends recommend!

11am – Jeff Abbott & Manuel Gonzales

12pm – Janice Hamrick & Austin Kleon

1pm – Ernie Cline

2pm – Kelly Luce & Owen Egerton 

After their shifts, the authors will be available to sign copies of their books.

What Austin Authors Are Saying About Indies First: 

Ernie Cline, bestselling author of Ready Player One: “I’m participating in Indies First because it means I get to spend the day selling books I love, while also working alongside a bunch of my friends, at my favorite bookstore in the world. Also, they promised to let me park my DeLorean right out in front of the store. My only question is, does this mean I get an employee discount at BookPeople from here on out?”

Janice Hamrick, author of award-winning mystery books including Death on Tourand Death Rides Again: “I’m participating in Indies First because I LOVE BOOKPEOPLE. BookPeople supports the writing community in every way – hosting author events, moderating at festivals, guiding newbie authors, and providing workshops and events for anyone who wants to write or who loves reading. I will always be grateful to BookPeople and its Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery for the warm welcome they gave me when I was starting out.”

Manuel Gonzales, author of The Miniature Wife and Other Stories: “I love independent bookstores, love how they reflect the character of the city that supports them, and love how much support they’ve shown me–I’ve worked for independent book stores, have had great reception of my book from independent book stores, and always find great books there–and so I wanted to do whatever I could to support them. I also think handselling some of my go-to books is a fun opportunity to talk to people about some of my favorite books.”

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