Statesman Selects: THE GOLDFINCH

If there’s one book we’ve looked forward to this year, it’s The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Many of us here treat Secret History as a sacred text. We’re very excited to announce that The Goldfinch is the Statesman Selects pick for November. Pick up a copy of the Austin American-Statesman this Sunday to read their feature review. Be sure to join us here at the store next Thursday, November 7 at 7pm when Tartt is here to read from and sign copies of her new book.


Consuelo was one of the first readers of The Goldfinch here:

“The Goldfinch is sprawling and wonderful. Tartt can detail the process of antique furniture restoration, make you see in your mind a painting that you’ve never seen with your eyes, mine the depths of grief and unrequited love, and make you care about all of it. It is all inextricably bound, what one of my co-workers described as Dickensian. Despite its near 800-page length, I lugged the book on a trip to NYC with me because I couldn’t even think about leaving it behind. I wanted to stay with the characters without pause. Like Donna Tartt’s other novels, The Goldfinch will stick with me in the best possible way – when a story is close to your heart for the mere fact that it is a great story, one that spellbinds you and demands your attention.”

Hope you can join us next Thursday!

One thought on “Statesman Selects: THE GOLDFINCH

  1. Exciting news. I loved ‘Secret History’ with an absolute passion and it was a huge influence on my own writing. I sincerely hope it is also available in the UK??

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