Man’s Best Friend. Most of the Time.

shappy dog shaming

Dog Shaming by Pascal Lemire
Reviewed by: Shappy (and Alvy and Max)

This past March I left my two dachshunds, Alvy Singer and Max Bialystock, home alone for a few hours in my apartment in what I like to call the “Village Of Screaming Children”. You see, the children that live below me LOVE to slam the door closed all day long which leads to some items falling off my bookshelf. I am a collector of pop culture artifacts (NERD) and as such I have dedicated a shelf to my collection of rare McDonald Land action figures (dolls) from the ’70s.

When I ironically arrived back at my apartment after a trip to McDonald’s and the local comic book shop, I was horrified to find that my Professor figurine had his plastic hands, feet and head gnawed off.

I immediately suspected my most destructive doggie son, Alvy, who had chewed on my Space Ghost figurine just months before. Mostly I was worried that my dog had just eaten a plastic “collectible” from 1975. I anxiously awaited for the “evidence” to appear. In the interim, I posted a picture of Alvy’s guilty face to Facebook.

After posting my accusation, I was immediately informed about, a website dedicated to wanton acts of destruction caused by “Man’s Best Friend”. Immediately, I was consoled by the fact that many doggie daddies and mommies have had even worse (and more expensive) experiences when they left their pups home alone.

Now there is a hilarious book based on the dog shaming blog that features all of the guiltiest pups with signs declaring their destructive deeds, most posing with evidence of their crimes. I was happy to learn that the creator of this web phenomenon, Pascale Lemire, started the whole thing by posting a picture of her dachshund being caught eating her fiancee’s boxer briefs!

This book will certainly appeal to all dog parents who have destructive children. It’s a hoot!

You can imagine my surprise when, 2 days after the Professor’s demise, it was Max, not Alvy, who had a little, plastic hand coming out of his poop!


I had shamed the WRONG DOG!

Still, I love both of my little guys, despite their taste for my vintage objects. Just yesterday, a  plastic Little Orphan Annie and Sandy fell off a shelf and one of them ate half of Annie but didn’t eat Sandy. I guess the SIN will come out tomorrow.


Copies of Dog Shaming are available on our shelves and via

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