31 Days of Halloween: Day 3 “Bestselling Horror”

Halloween Scary House

~post by Joe T.

From October to October is a 12 month period that defines the Horror Year. Halloween is a holiday that can act as both Christmas and New Year: some people only read nightmarish fiction during that one month, others use it as a celebration to kick-off a whole new list of books to read.

So, if you’re looking for a good scary book to read for Halloween or if you’re looking for a few books to pad out your yearly reading lists, why not take a gander at what some of your co-conspirators have read over the last year? From October 1st 2012 to the end of September 2013, these are the top 5 selling horror books for BookPeople. Tomorrow we’ll will be returning with books 6-10.

Scary Reading!

1.  World War Z by Max Brooks

“With the possible exception of George Romero’s Dead trilogy, Max Brooks’ World War Z stands as the definitive statement of zombie fiction. Inspired by Studs Terkel’s book The Good War: An Oral History of World War II, the novel is at times horrific, harrowing, heart wrenching, and hilarious. I’ve read this book numerous times (and listened to the star-studded audiobook) and still delight in figuring out the identities of many of the thinly veiled real life personalities who appear here. I can’t recommend this book enough!”  (Joe)


2.  House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danieleski

“There is nothing else out there like House of Leaves. Open its doors, cross the threshold, wander its corridors, and get lost in its many rooms. Once inside, finding your way can be a challenge. So…take a deep breath, compose yourself, and embark on this often unnerving but always compelling journey. It’s one you’ll never forget.”  (Adam)



3.  John Dies At The End by David Wong


1 part Soy Sauce (mind-altering drug that makes demons visible)

1 part Psycho Demon (that loves Limp Bizkit)

8 parts Buddy Adventure that is a perfect infusion of horror & comedy

⅓ part Exploding Dog (for flavor)

A great read full of creepy moments & hilarious situations


4.  The Passage by Justin Cronin (and the follow-up to The Twelve)

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this book is. Texas resident Cronin takes the tired old tropes of post-apocalyptic futures and vampire fiction & turns them on their ears, creating a whole other beast. Beautifully written and terrifying, “The Passage” will have you up late at night burning through the pages. There’s really nothing like it!!!!!!”  (Clint)



5.  The Shining by Stephen King

“Without a doubt, my absolute favorite book by this prolific and talented author. Follow the road to madness in the Overlook Hotel. Blood! Haunted hedgerows and long buried secrets come to light (and life – if you want to call it that!)”  (Raul)

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween: Day 3 “Bestselling Horror”

  1. I’ve read The Shining and World War Z. I was surprised at how good World War Z was. Only having read it when the movie based on it (which sucked compared to the book) was announced. The Passage sounds good, not sure about House of Leaves, the book description I’ve found of it seems way too complicated.

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