I Have Book Lust & I Cannot Lie

~post by Julie W.

Feast your eyes on this, book lovers – Junot Diaz’s bestselling short story collection This Is How You Lose Her is receiving the Deluxe treatment this Fall. Back where I come from (a little land called Strong Island), when you order a “deluxe” burger at a diner, it comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles and cole slaw (and onion rings, if you go super deluxe, depending on the diner). The Deluxe edition of TIHYLH is serving up what I will call the book lust equivalent of such delights: Comic artist Jaime Hernandez has created original full page illustrations to accompany each story AND the whole thing comes in a snazzy slipcase. And perhaps other wonders. I want to shake Penguin’s hand for being straight up in their description of this one: “Just in time for the holidays….” I’m going to put it out there right now that I would not complain if this showed up at my 2013 Festivus dinner. I have book lust and I cannot lie. (So does Flippo, whose facebook post is the whole reason I even saw this.)

You’ll see this beauty on our shelves as of October 31st. Oh, you want to pre-order a copy? Yes, we can arrange that.

Mostly gratuitous photo of Junot Diaz smiling in our store:


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