Grace Pledges Allegiance to the Queen… Well, The Casserole Queens

I already loved the Casserole Queens, and I’m happy to say they’ve done it again. This past weekend was filled with yard sales, baby sitting, a marathon of The Sopranos, and a wicked tonsil infection, but in all that I still found the time to make the Queen’s Summertime Tomato Pie. This is by no means a reflection on any gift for time management on my part, it’s only because THIS RECIPE IS SO SIMPLE (and, BTW, SO DELICIOUS)! It’s the kind of recipe you make once and memorize, and flipping through The Casserole Queens: Make-A-Meal Cookbook there are plenty of gems just like this one. I already know I’ll be using it to impress people for years to come.

There aren’t many ingredients involved in this pie of perfection, I had most of them in my fridge.
I used store bought pie crust, but there is also a recipe for it in the book.

IngredientsWe chopped the green onions and basil, and lined the casserole pan with pie crust- using both rounds to cover the whole thing.

MEGThen we popped the crust in the oven until it was golden brown, it was difficult to resist eating it. It smelled so good!
We peeled and sweated the tomatoes. After eating the pie I realize how important this step is. I will probably let the tomatoes sit for even longer next time so the bottom of the pie crust stays nice and flaky.
The topping is a surprisingly simple mixture of Greek yogurt and feta.combo3Then we just filled the crust with the chopped tomatoes, green onion, and basil, and seasoned it with salt and pepper, and topped it with the yogurt mixture.

ComboThen we baked it. See, what did I say? IT’S SO SIMPLE!
combo2I can’t recommend this recipe, and really this book, enough. It was easy, quick, cheap, and delicious. Next time I have a pot luck or family gathering The Casserole Queens: Make-A-Meal Cookbook will definitely be put to good use.

~Post by Grace, BookPeople’s Marketing Assistant

Join us Wednesday, August 21 at 7PM to hear Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook speak about this amazing cookbook and their culinary endeavors, followed by a signing of The Casserole Queens: Make-A-Meal Cookbook.

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