Teen Thursday

We are excited to bring you another Austin Teen Book Festival Update! Be sure to mark your calenders for Saturday, September 28 for a day of YA madness.

For each author our Teen Press Corps came up with some interview questions, here are some highlights:

Suzanne Young – The Program
What is your dream car?
Well, I’ve driven a Honda for years (very reliable), but I have to say my dream is to ride on the back of a Harley. Can we make that happen at the festival?

Is there a record where you know every word to every song?
Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. (You, you, oughta know!) I had some boyfriend troubles my senior year of high school, and I’d switch between Alanis and Pearl Jam’s Ten. Seared the angst in my brain for life.”
Click here to read Suzanne’s full interview.

Brandon Sanderson – Steelheart
What’s the hardest thing about writing a sequel?
Here’s something about the way I work. New projects excite me. In fact, I’m often dangling the new project in front of myself as incentive to finish my current project, saying, “When you get this book done, and it’s done right and it’s awesome, you get to go do something new.” It’s part of what I like about my job, always being able to do something new. It keeps me productive as a writer.

The hardest part about doing a sequel is this: yes, it’s new, but it’s also familiar, and there’s a part of me that says, “I don’t want to do that. I want to do something completely different.” However, it’s important to have the discipline to say, “No, you promised your readers that you were going to finish this!” Beyond that, there are certain themes, characters, and stories that you can only explore by doing something that’s more long-form, like a series. As a reader, I prefer to read series, but as a writer sometimes it’s hard to make myself do the familiar instead of something brand-new.”
Click here to read Brandon’s full interview.

Leila Howland – Nantucket Blue
What is your favorite beach?
Barney’s Joy in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It’s my happy place!

What was the first piece of music you bought with your own money?
George Michael’s Faith

Where would your dream house be if it could be anywhere?
Big Sur, California. I always get great ideas when I go there. It’s magical.”
Click here to read Leila’s full interview.

Jo Knowles – Living With Jackie Chan
What is your favorite musical of all time?
Oliver (I played an orphan boy in my high-school’s production, so I have a soft spot for that one)

What cartoon/animated character are most alike?
I’ve been told I’m a lot like Max, from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Besides Jackie Chan who is a ‘True Karate Man’?
Anybody who makes kindness their superpower”
Click here to read Jo’s full interview.

Previously Confirmed Authors:

Maggie Stiefvater – Opening Speaker
The Dream Thieves
Holly Black – Closing Speaker
The Coldest Girl In Coldtown
Sarah Dessen (The Moon and More & Rob Thomas (Rats Saw God) – Lunch Speakers
PJ HooverSolstice
Robin LaFeversDark Triumph
Mari MancusiScorched
Lauren MyracleThe Infinite Moment of Us
Robin WassermanThe Waking Dark
April Genevieve TucholkeBetween the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Sarah Farizan If You Could Be Mine
Brian YanksyHomicidal Aliens
Jon SkovronMan Made Boy
Lisa McMannBang
Siobhan Vivian & Jenny HanFire With Fire
Cinda Williams ChimaThe Enchanter Heir
Bill Konigsberg – Openly Straight
Malinda Lo
Cat PatrickThe Originals
Sean BeaudoinWise Young Fool
Trish DollerThe Stars Still Shine
Amy TinteraReboot

CLICK HERE to read the complete Q&A’s, and be sure to mark your calenders for Saturday September 28 because this year’s Austin Teen Book Festival is going to be a blast! Follow @AustinTBF
on twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #ATBF2013.

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