What We’re Reading



Wait for You by Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J. Lynn
“This book is SOOOO good. Jennifer L. Armentrout really knows how to build character relationships. Avery has a secret, and she’s decided to go to school as far away from home as possible in order to keep it. Then Cameron walks into her life the plans she had for her future seem like they may be teetering on the brink of destruction. I’m absolutely loving this book right now, Jennifer L. Armentrout is hands down my favorite author of all time. You have to read this book!”

Wait for You will be out in August, you can pre-order your book here.


Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz
“Everyone knows it’s hard to move to a new city- that move is especially hard when it’s from San Francisco to New York City. Julia Wertz has done just that, with hilarious and surprisingly heartwarming results. Drinking at the Movies is the perfect comic strip primer to adjusting to NY and the identity crisis that comes with that. Wertz is no girlie girlie, instead she’s a little bit sloppy, slightly disheveled, and at times straight up drunk- but always clever and very funny. If you’ve ever had trouble finding your footing in a new place (or in adulthood)  this book is for you.”


Embassytown by China Mieville
“While this book is Sci-Fi it’s almost a meditation on what language is. In the distant future on a distant planet are aliens with two mouths living along side humans. In order to understand each other a breed of altered human twins called doppels is created. To communicate with the aliens the twins speak at the same time. Now there is a doppel whose voice is inexplicably intoxicating to the aliens, they can’t seem to get enough of it. This throws their entire society off kilter. So far this book is amazing. It’s a great piece of fiction for anyone interested in linguistics.”


The PEN/ O. Henry Prize Stories 2012 by Various Authors
“I picked up this book for a recent trip. So far I’m loving it, it’s just the pace I was looking for. The PEN/ O. Henry Prize Stories are the twenty best short stories of the year, selected from thousands published in various literary magazines. Their lengths span from 8 pages to 80. I hadn’t heard of any of the authors, and I’m finding that it’s really broadening my horizons.  There is a great short story called Phantoms by Steven Millhauser that is my favorite so far. It’s all about a town where people see phantoms and it’s written as if it were nonfiction, including case studies and photographic evidence. The book is filled with little surprising gems like this one.”

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