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Did you go to the Austin Teen Book Festival last year? If so, you know all about the amazing author panels ranging from mystical beasts to realistic romance. Libba Bray and our very own Jedi, Topher, had an epic light saber battle complete with smoke machines. We had hundreds of books signed, and ate a nacho or two-  needless to say it was awesome! And judging by the authors announced thus far for the 2013 Austin Teen Book Festival, this year is going to rock. Check out the latest panelists we have confirmed:

For each author our Teen Press Corps came up with some interview questions, here are some highlights.

Genevieve Tucholke – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Favorite writing snack?
Coffee and roasted seaweed.

At 15, what was your favorite book?
I had four: GREEN MANSIONS by W. H. Hudson, JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brontë, GHOSTS I HAVE BEEN by Richard Peck, and INTERSTELLER PIG by William Sleator.”


Sara Farizan – If You Could Be Mine
Facebook or Twitter?
I am a longtime Facebook user for stalking tantric interests but am trying to get better at Twitter. I don’t know that I am clever enough for Twitter yet.


Where you a theater geek or a band geek?
I was an absolute theater geek. I stage managed, wrote and directed plays, acted but no musical theater. I can’t sing at all. I can lip sync very well though.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
I like to believe in love at first sight, but it ends up being lust at first sight with disastrous results.”


Brian Yansky – Homicidal Aliens & Other Disappointments
In one word describe your publication journey?


E.T. or Marvin the Martian?
Marvin the Martian. They’re both charming in their own way, but Marvin has better clothes.


Have you ever been to SXSW? What would your dream SX show be?
Yes, I’ve been. Years ago. I’m not someone who has one favorite artist. I’d like to hear Timbuck 3, long defunct, do “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”. I’d also bring back a couple of dead guys (you said dream SX), Stevie Ray Vaughn and Johnny Cash for a few songs and maybe finish off with another dead guy, a little Bob Marley like, “I Shot the Sheriff” (but I didn’t shoot the deputy) which I always thought a great line but inadequate defense for shooting someone.”


Jon Skovron – Man Made Boy
What person no longer with us should come back from the dead ala Frankenstein style?
Well the beauty of bringing someone back Frankenstein style is that I don’t have to pick one person, right? We could do, I don’t know…the brain of Douglas Adams, the voice of William Shakespeare, the heart of Edgar Allen Poe and the fists of Ernest Hemingway. Or, if we wanted to make a female monster, it could be the brain of Mary Shelley (of course!), the voice of Zora Neale Hurston, the heart of Jane Austin, and the eyes of Anais Nin.
We’re just scratching the surface here, I’m sure you realize. Why, if, hypothetically, one were to travel around the world, digging up the graves of all the best writers who ever lived, and sew them all together, one might conceivably make the ultimate writer! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
I mean, you know…hypothetically.”


Lisa McMann – Bang
How do you find time to write?
I often have to make time to write wherever I am – I can actually write very well on planes. And when I’m home, it’s easy to find the time–the hard part is opening up the Word doc and starting for the day.

What is one of your favorite fan mail stories?
I got an email once from a girl on the day after FADE came out. She said “Nine of us are sitting in French class right now secretly reading FADE behind our purses and backpacks!”


What character from your book would be most likely to live in Austin?
Probably Trey or Rowan from the Visions trilogy.”


Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian – Fire With Fire
“What is the best thing about working with the other?
Jenny: I get to hang out with my best friend.
Siobhan: I completely trust Jenny. I can show her anything I’ve written, no matter how rough. Just like with any friendship, it’s important that you feel loved and supported, even when you’re at your worst.

Take us back to high school. Would you be voted most likely to succeed or class clowns?
Jenny: Most likely to succeed
Siobhan: Class clown, most definitely. I was a terrrrrible student.”

Previously Confirmed Authors
Closing Note Speaker – HOLLY BLACK
Lunch Speaker – SARAH DESSEN
Lunch Speaker – ROB THOMAS
Panelist Authors

CLICK HERE to read the complete Q&A’s, and be sure to mark your calenders for Saturday September 28 because this year’s Austin Teen Book Festival is going to be a blast! Follow @AustinTBF
on twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #ATBF2013.

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