Augusten Burroughs Recommends….


Last night we played host to the one and only August Burroughs. He’s currently on tour for the paperback edition of This is How: Surviving What You Think You Can’t (signed copies available to order right over here). He gave us a lot of wonderful, inspiring advice. He also, when asked, suggested we read these two books:

gems of the worldeleanor and park

Gems of the World by Cally Oldershaw

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


We about died when he said Eleanor and Park. We did, in fact, cheer. Our booksellers and the Teen Press Corps TOTALLY loved this book. Laura (Teen Press Corps member) said, “I absolutely adored this book. I’ve never really been a huge fan of realistic fiction (fantasy has always called my name), but this book is so well written. The part I loved most, however, was that the characters slowly fall in love over the course of the entire book and their relationship isn’t perfect by any means.  It makes the story so much more believable.” And Emily (also of our Teen Press Corps) called the novel, “sweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking.”

Augusten’s recommendation + so much bookseller love + Teen Press Corps love = Eleanor & Park is our YA Buzz Book for May. Official.


This is not to ignore the importance of Gems of the World. They’re just two different reads, that’s all. Thanks to Augusten for an awesome event and his recommendations. And thanks to everyone who packed the house last night to see him. Good times!


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