The Marvelous Month of May

April shot by in a whirlwind of Demetri Martin, drunken botany, David Sedaris and Italian cooking. Now here we are in May. And what a month it is. Here are a few of the event highlights on our horizon…..

Thursday, May 2 7p – ERICA GRIEDER
Big, Hot, Cheap and Right: What America Can Learn from the Strange Genius of Texas

Texas Monthly editor Erica Grieder presents the Lone Star state as a model of governance. She recently answered a few questions for New York Times about the book: “Over the past 10 or so years, Texas’s economy has been outperforming those of most states, and the country as a whole, to such a noticeable degree that people have started talking about it in terms our more devout friends reserve for things like transubstantiation. So I can see how calling it a “miracle” might be contentious, but I’m comfortable with the phrase because Texans use strong language.”


Monday, May 6 at 7p – BOB SPITZ
The Remarkable Life of Julia Child

A Time, Washington Post, and NPR Best Book of the Year in hardcover, Dearie is the story of how Julia Child transformed herself into the cult figure who touched off a food revolution. Addie Broyles, food critic for the Austin American-Statesman, will lead the conversation with Spitz. Nibble on some cheese and grapes while learning all about Julia’s road to mastering French Cooking.


Wednesday, May 9 at 7p – JESSICA ALBA
The Honest Life

Actress and mom Jessica Alba wanted to create the safest, healthiest lifestyle for her family. Her quest lead her to launch  The Honest Company, a brand where families can find reliable information on how to live healthier and cleaner. She’ll be here to talk about the book and meet fans. Tickets are required for the signing and available with the purchase of a copy of The Honest Life from BookPeople. Tickets available now in-store and online!

Thursday, May 16 at 7p – RICK YANCEY
The 5th Wave

This book is going to be HUGE! Described as a cross between The Passage and The Hunger Games, Yancey’s The 5th Wave is the apocalypse like you’ve never read about it before. Ta’ Necia loved it: “It’s really fast-paced. Yancey is great at world building. His characters are well constructed, too, you get a lot of background information. It’s really good! The main character is this girl Cassie and she’s talking about the different waves that come – first the world went black, then came an invasion and then silence. It’s really suspenseful. There’s a lot of tension (and not a lot of romance, which was good for this story). Something is always happening and you don’t know what’s going to come next. Oh, it’s really good!”


Tuesday, May 21 at 7p – PETER HELLER
The Dog Stars

The Dog Stars was one of BookPeople’s Best Books of 2012. We loved this story of Hig’s survival after a super-flu devastates the population. Poetic and fluid, Heller’s storytelling struck a chord with us and we also featured the novel in our 2012 Winter Catalog. All of this means that we are of course thrilled to welcome him here to celebrate the paperback release of the book. Join us tonight as we shamelessly display our book nerd love for Heller and his work.  Bonus: he’ll appear in conversation with Austinite Manuel Gonzales, author of the story collection The Miniature Wife (and an all-around good guy). 


Tuesday, May 28 at 7p – WALTER MOSLEY
Little Green: An Easy Rawlins Adventure

We’re rounding out this most awesome month of May with a visit from a legend. Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins mysteries are classics in the crime fiction – and really any – genre. MysteryPeople will be rolling out the red carpet for him, to be sure. Tickets are required for the signing and currently available via our website when you pre-order the book.

This list is not even close to comprehensive. May will also see a mini-retreat for moms, an afternoon with Austin’s food bloggers, two BBQ cookbooks and more. Check it all out on our website. (And if you’re curious, the answer is no, months like these we don’t really get much sleep. But we love it!)

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