World Book Night 2013 Recap!

A huge thanks to all of the incredible volunteers who gave out books all over Austin yesterday! Thank you also to those of you who called yesterday asking if we had any extra boxes you could give out. Your enthusiasm to jump in and help out on the spot was inspiring. If you want to be involved next year, make sure you sign up for the World Book Night US newsletter to keep up with all the important announcements.

We want to extend a very special hug to Lainie, our WBN 2013 hero who volunteered to take on over 20 boxes of books and who recruited friends as givers. Here’s her experience yesterday:

“I’ve got folks handing out books at several hospitals, a jail, a dispute resolution center, a church food pantry, Hospice Austin, several schools, city buses, Goodwill, a bar (for TENDER BAR), work, neighborhoods, street corners…just makes my heart swell!”


More responses from Austin’s intrepid givers:

@austinchick99: 20xAtwood @CapMetroATX Howard Station. Favorites: Immediate readers & lady with pet tomato!

@jenriosburns: Oh yes, Tina Fey’s Bossypants. A fine read, so says Elliot.

@realjohngreen: “Thanks to all the #wbn2013 volunteers sharing books with people. Y’all are made of awesome.”

Posted to our facebook page by a representative of the University Nerdfighters: “Thank you to John Green, BookPeople, World Book Night USA, University Nerdfighters, and all of my friends who helped me pull off giving out 315 free copies of Looking for Alaska. It didn’t rain! And books are awesome. I know some people may just set aside their books and forget them, but I hope they someday find the beautiful story contained within its pages. 🙂 ”

Posted to our facebook page by Alison: “I already gave out my copies of City of Thieves. Not sure who was happier, the recipients or me?”

Robyn, one of our booksellers, who gave Bossypants by Tina Fey: “Don’t know how to tweet but almost out of WBN books. The ladies at the bank love 30 Rock but aren’t big readers. Success!”

Cheryl, one of our booksellers, who gave The Tender Bar by J. R. Moehringer: “I went to the bars down on West 6th. I actually started handing them out at Kung Fu Saloon and I was like, “Here, check out the book, it’s about a kid growing up in a bar,” and they were all like “Yeah, I want to read that!” Then I gave one to a guy in a liquor store. And another to a bouncer. Then I met a blues band singing about crawfish and they were like, “Come to our show!” and I was like, “No, but here’s a book!” People don’t expect it and it’s exciting. They don’t realize they want to read, but they really do! And they need to know it’s good and important to read. Especially if you’re spending a lot of time hanging out at Kung Fu Saloon.”

Abby, one of our booksellers, who also gave Bossypants: “I was working so I handed them out around Whole Foods (across the street from the store) on my lunch break and really enjoyed it. I handed one to a staff member there and then went and got my lunch, and when I came back there were three other people looking at me expectantly. Everyone was really excited to have a copy. It felt good to be able to give them away.”


Thanks again, Austin! You’re amazing. Let’s do it again next year!

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