What We’re Reading



Maniac Magee by Jerri Spinelli“I am going back and reading all of the Newbery Award winners I hadn’t read. Maniac Magee is about a boy that comes to a small town as an orphan. He doesn’t know enough to know he’s on the wrong side of the tracks, or even when he is being bullied- he’s seemingly an almost perfect kid. I love just how indidividual he is , he’s almost alien in this world like A Stranger In A Strange Land for children.”


Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
“This book is kind of along the lines of World War Z but with robots. It’s all told in flash back in 3 segments- how the robots became self aware, the war, and some of the aftermath. It really chronicles the lengths to which humans will go to survive. It’s a lot darker and more serious than I thought it would be- I really love it.”

Join Tommy and Joel when they discuss Robopocalypse with the Ludicrous Speed Book Club Monday, April 15 at 7PM.


Destiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice
“When Emily’s mother was pregnant she went to a used book store and found the complete works of Emily Dickinson- this was how she named her daughter. In the margins of that books she wrote all of the milestones in Emily’s life, including the name of Emily’s father which she would not share with the girl. By a turn of events the book ends up on a give away pile, now Emily must search to find the book and the name of her father. This book is really well written, and makes some great references. I’m really enjoying reading it with my daughter.”


Doll Bones by Holly Black
“The story follows 3 children who love to play and make up imaginative stories. At the center of these games has always been the Great Queen, a china doll who rules over all the play. The children are now in middle school and one of them, Zach, with the influence of his father believes he’s too old for play and is ready to end their games and potentially friendship. But when one of the girls starts dreaming of this doll they realize there is more to it than just a toy. The doll contains a ghost, and the ghost must be put to rest. I’m loving this book so far. It’s so imaginative and creepy! It’s my first Holly Black book but I can’t wait to read her other work.”

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