What I Want for Valentine’s Day (Some Not-So-Subtle Hints)


~post by Julie W.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I have total faith in my Valentine to pony up with the flowers, chocolate, champagne, etc. But you know, just in case, I thought I might point out a few things I’ve found around the store that might, I don’t now, make the PERFECT VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT FOR ME. Or someone like me. Or me.


The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins & Randall Lockridge

Organized by aphrodisiac, this cookbook covers nineteen sensual foods, from ginger to strawberries to oysters,with some very lovely photography. Of course you don’t just give a cookbook on Valentine’s Day. You cook from it. And surprise me with the meal. By candlelight. Yes.



One word: JEWELERY. (Specifically, that lightning bolt necklace on the left there. There are also earring to match. The lockets are also awfully nice….)


7f12c2e2756511e2bcaf22000a1fbcb3_7Two words: MORE JEWELRY.


Melting Clocks!

What is time when you’re in love? Show me time knows no meaning when we’re together. And that you paid attention to the fact that I love Dali.


690e54ac761e11e2bee422000a9f14ea_7Tiffany Bozic: Drawn by Instinct: A Collection of Work from 2003-2011

This book of Bozic’s art is weird and beautiful. Just like our love. Really, any art book will impress me. We have tons. Take your pick. You can’t go wrong. (Except with Warhol – please, no Warhol. Remember the Dali thing? Yeah.)


091fa374761f11e2a82422000a9e07ae_7You can never go wrong with a Robot Army.


Or Happy Cats!


Or an Awesome Bicycle Tote Bag. (With all the loot you’re giving me, Valentine, I’m going to need something to carry it all home.)


Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Truthfully, though, there’s really nothing more romantic than a good book. And it doesn’t have to be a squishy *romantic* book either. I’ve heard really good things about Where’d You Go, Bernadette. If this showed up with the box of chocolates, you’d pretty much be done. You wouldn’t have to cook me the meal since I’d stop everything and just start reading on the couch. In my pajamas. And fuzzy slippers. And be so, so happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, book lovers! Remember, BookPeople is here for you if you’re looking for that perfect gift for me. Or someone else, I guess.

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