Teen Thursday on Friday

We could never forget you. Shame on you for even thinking it. Today we celebrate all things YA (and the fast approaching weekend) in the name of Gayle Forman!

We love Just One Day, that’s why we made it our January Buzz Book. But did you know our whole Teen Press Corps has flipped for it? A one of a kind love story, none of us can get enough- especially Willa:

“I love Gayle Forman. I love everything about Gayle Forman. I love her books, I love her hair, I love the fact that she named her daughter Willa, I love the fact that she is so darn awesome. I adored If I Stay and Where She Went, and when Just One Day came out… I couldn’t contain myself. My librarian lent me a copy right after she bought them for our school library, and I proceeded to read the book during classes and finished it that night.”

It might sound a little crazy, but really this is a MUST read!

“The romance…. It was Gayle Forman romance. It was epic. Sparks to the max, just the right combination of lust, confusion, love, and hilarious moments to make me lose it. Allyson and Willem are currently on the list of best literary couples to date, even if they only spent a day together, and that’s about all the Willem and Allyson time you get, I can tell in Willem’s side of the story, a lot will be explained. Or at least I seriously hope it will be. This book has the cliffhanger ending that Gayle Forman specializes in – the murderous kind.”
CLICK HERE to read Willa’s full review of Just One Day.

Be sure to join us tonight Friday, January 18 at 7PM when Gayle Forman will be in store speaking and signing her new book Just One Day.

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