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Approaching the Future: 64 Things You Need to Know Now For Then by Ben Hammersley
64things“Ben Hammersley is a contributing editor for UK’s Wired magazine, he is involved in many EU and UK tech conferences and commissions. Approaching the Future is Hammersley’s 64 chapter primer on what you need to know to understand the 21st century. It’s a really fun read and can be very eye opening at times, but the real subtitle should have been, “Everything I learned About the 21st Century I Learned From A Neal Stephenson Novel.” I really enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it.”


The R. Crumb Handbook by Stephen Poplaski
“Stephen Poplaski also did the R. Crumb Coffee Table Book which is awesome but huge. This book (which is smaller) is like one prolonged interview with Crumb and probably the closest thing to an autobiography we are going to get. It’s filled with previously unpublished works of art, preliminary drawings, childhood drawings, drawings he did with his brother- it’s awesome! The book even comes with a CD of some music from Crumb’s favorite ol’ 78s, his own music performed with his Cheap Suit Serenaders, and even some he did with his family. The R. Crumb Handbook is a great way to get acquainted with the legend that is R. Crumb.”


Cathedral by Raymond Carver
“Cathedral is a book of Carver’s short stories. He reminds me a lot of Franzen, he’s a really great American short story writer. The first in this collection, Feathers, is fantastic. Carver puts you at the head of the table for a bizarre dinner party, there is a peacock and a hideous baby- madness ensues. This is my first introduction to Carver’s work and so far I’m a fan. I can’t wait to finish it.”


The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly
“I’m currently reading all the Newbery Award winners I should have read a long time ago.  The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is about a girl named Calpurnia Virgina raised in a family of all brothers, her up bringing is almost a completely different experience from theirs. Her cantankerous grandfather takes Calpurnia under her wing and encourages her inquisitive nature. He teaches her about science and nature and the world. Watching her learn is magical. This book is amazing, I really think it’s just about perfect.”

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