Lee Bacon, Not the Least Bit Dreadful

Lee BaconLee Bacon, author of the new Joshua Dread series was nice enough to join a small reception for local school librarians at BookPeople last night. We’re happy to report in addition to being a genuinely pleasant man, his new book is hilarious! As if middle school isn’t hard enough,  Joshua Dread has a huge secret. His parents are super villains. Between his mom and dad trying to flood the world, and talking to him in front of his friends, Joshua gets no relief. Action, adventure, and the utter awkwardness of a pubescent boy amount to a recipe for great youth fiction. Lee Bacon Talking The first line of the book, “Our class got out of sixth period early the day my parents tried to flood the earth,” came to Lee as he stood waiting for a train in Germany. That line held him so, that he decided to build a whole book from it. Lee also let it leak that he’s already finished the second Joshua Dread book, and the third is in the works.

Group Shot

Thank you to Lee Bacon, for a lovely night and of course to Random House who so kindly sent him our way.

You can get your signed copy of Joshua Dread at BookPeople today!

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