Thanks for Shopping Indie!

This week, to kick off our tremendous list of recommendations for everyone shopping for the holidays (or simply for a good book), we’re highlighting titles that we and independent booksellers across the country are particularly fond of (and there are quite a few selections, compiled neatly in this brilliant list, if you’d like to take a look.) Sharing our love of these titles is the best way we know how to say Thanks for Shopping Indie this holiday season, and all year long.

Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina is one of our top picks for Young Adult readers who fancy the realms of fantasy and science fiction. Wil chose Seraphina as his pick in our Winter Catalog this year, saying:

“A world where dragons, despite their mathematical minds, try to fit in with human hearts; where music, that calculable and rational discipline, sends souls to soar in cathedrals of awe; where family protects and keeps our secrets safe–that is where I want to life. This is the world of Seraphina Dombegh, song mistress for a city devoted to ideals and saints alike, where dragons can take human form. Peace between the species has been fostered carefully over the years. But when a human prince is murdered, suspicions turn toward the old memories of dragons and monsters. Seraphina is embroiled in a fight to keep her society from tearing under the weight of history and prejudice. She must also face the voices in her head and restrain the longings of her heart if she is to hold on to the one she loves.”

Seraphina has also been a tremendous hit with our Teen Press Corps. Laura reviewed it, saying,

Seraphina is one of my favorite types of books; it has the feel of a historical fiction with a fantastical undertone that really makes it come alive. All this, combined with tons of danger, secrets, and a twist l never saw coming, this novel has left me shaking with anticipation for its sequel….The thing I liked best about this novel was that it presents dragons as intelligent, cold creatures rather than the majestical beings they are usually portrayed to be. It was really interesting and gave the story a nice twist that made it easier to grasp, while still giving it that fantastical feel.” (Read Laura’s full review here.)

Wil and Laura may both rejoice, as the book’s publisher has made this prequel to Seraphina available. We’re absolutely enchanted with this wonderful debut novel. Hartman does have a sequel in the works, so any readers hooked now will have another visit to Hartman’s world of dragon lore to look forward.

Thanks for Shopping Indie! For more picks from BookPeople and independent booksellers across the country, visit our website.

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