Tonight We Stand Up AND… Sit Down

~post by Steven

Hey gang!  Have we got a great show planned for you tonight or what?  You know, the exalted hosts of The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club – the freshest new comedy memoir book club here at BookPeople – confided in me backstage that they’re only doing this for the paid time off work every month…(I KNOW!)…so I says to ’em, “You goofs work at a book store!  You already get a hundred and sixty paid hours off work every month!  If you spent as much time shelving the merchandise as you spend scheming of ways to not shelve the merchandise, maybe regular schmucks would take an interest in reading again!”  What I mean to say is that Steve(n) and Flippo are directly responsible for declining literacy rates in America.  I kid!  I kid!

Seriously, folks, we’ve got an outstanding book picked out for the inaugural meeting of the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club.  This month, we are reading The Dangerous Animals Club by Stephen Tobolowsky.  As a tireless character actor, he has been featured in over a hundred movies, TV shows, and plays.  As a phenomenal raconteur and noted windbag, Stephen Tobolowsky has starred in just one.  In The Dangerous Animals Club, we get the same stream of consciousness disregard for conventional narrative structure and circuitous storytelling that made Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party a poignant masterpiece of a documentary.  The outrageous situations that the author has found himself involved in over the years are recounted here in a brilliant vortex of comedy, tragedy, and personal philosophy that defies you, the reader, not to internalize…as though Stephen Tobolowsky’s memories were your own.  Every time I watch Groundhog’s Day now, I have to stop the movie, point him out, and yell, “Him!  That man is a genius!”.  That is why no one will watch Groundhog’s Day with me anymore.
Mr. Tobolowsky held us all enraptured at his book signing here last month, and, if we can capture just a little bit of that same energy tonight, Monday November 26th, at 7PM we will count it as a win.  The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club will be meeting on the fourth Monday of every month to discuss all the mirth and mayhem of our favorite comedy memoirs.  Come prepared to over-analyze the things that you unconsciously love.

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