Jessica Gives THE ROUND HOUSE Two Thumbs Up

~post by Jessica

The Round House, Louise Erdrich’s newest novel, is an absolutely stunning coming of age story about a young boy on a Native American reservation in North Dakota during the summer of 1988. Infused with beautiful storytelling, admirable characters and Erdrich’s haunting poetic imagery, The Round House is a stick of literary dynamite.

“When the warm rain falls in June, said my father, and the lilacs burst open. Then she will come downstairs.” Unwilling to give up, Bazil and his thirteen year old son, Joe become obsessed with finding the perpetrator of the vicious crime against Joe’s mother and Bazil’s wife, Geraldine Coutts.  Relentless too, are the lengths that Bazil and Joe go to in their attempts to bring back Geraldine, who has become comatose from her traumatic encounter. The love that they share for Geraldine is heartwarming, but Geraldine refuses to speak with her family and the police about the incident. The Round House is full of twists and turns that will not disappoint. Filled with breathtaking heartache and language spun like fine silk, Louise Erdrich’s story of injustice is a beautifully dark coming of age story that will be sure to stick with you for a long time.

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