Teen Thursday

Happy Thursday teeny boppers! BookPeople is extra excited for the Texas Book Festival, Oct 27-28 at the Texas State Capitol.

We’ll be present at the Penguin tent, selling lots of great titles including one of our teen favorites Bitterblue.

Gretchen from our Teen Press Corps adored it!

“Bitterblue from Graceling is all grown up, a queen with her own land to rule. Since she was ten, she has reigned over the kingdom of  Monsea with the help of her father, King Leck’s, advisors. But she wonders about everything-her memories, her mother, her father, and what life is like outside the castle walls. Then, everything goes wrong, and it is up to her to fix it, especially when her crown is stolen. Every trail she follows leads back to her father, the one of whom her memories of are altered by her father’s Grace. She knows she must find out where her father came from and what he was, before it kills both her and her kingdom.

I loved this book, mainly for the depth of the plot-I won’t ruin it, but it’s AMAZING!”

With an endorsement like that how can you resist?

The  Texas Book Festival will also host Maureen Johnson with her book The Name Of the Star, Marie Lu with Legend, and Andrea Cremer with Rift. We hope to see you there!

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