Teen Thursday – Real Life Happens

Rejoice YA lovers for the time has come. This is our 6th and final week in the countdown to the Austin Teen Book Festival. BookPeople is a proud sponsor of the ATBF. Join us in celebrating all things YA this Saturday!

The Austin Teen Book Festival is THIS Saturday, September 29th from 9:30am to 5pm. There will be book signings, author panels, photo opps, and the chance to make thousands of new friends who are into the same awesome books as you — all for FREE. This week we are highlighting the The “Real Life Happens” panel. Check out the complete panel line up for the Austin Teen Book Fest HERE.

The “Real Life Happens” Panel is the realistic fiction panel. With so much fantasy, it a sweet reminder how amazing our real lives truly are. This panel consists of Jesse Andrews, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, E.M. Kokie, Jessica Lee Anderson, and John Corey Whaley- who will be the moderator.


Mackinsey was left in stitches from Jesse Andrew’s Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.
“This book is hilarious. I was laughing the entire time. This may sound terrible, I mean, it’s about a dying girl, how is that funny? The truth is, it’s not, but Greg is. Greg is so socially awkward, it’s funny. And if his social mishaps aren’t making you laugh, then his jokes will. Some of them are really funny, but others are funny only because he’s being stupid (in a good way).

When I wasn’t laughing, I was facepalming. Ugh! He’s sooooo awkward. It gets to the point where you’re just like, “how on earth can somebody say that, or do that?” But it really works with his character, it’s who he is.” To read Mackinsey’s full review click here.


We can’t wait for Saturday!

“In 2011, the Austin Teen Book Festival was definitely a highlight of my year – a day filled with books, authors, adoring fans, and signing lines. It’s an experience like no other. Be ready for fun, smiles, and lots of laughter. It’s a day I hope every reader gets to experience at some point.

This year it’s going to bigger and better, and I can’t wait! Amazing authors like Libba Bray, John Corey Whaley (winner of the Printz Award), Rachel Cohn, Neal Shusterman, Ally Carter, and Ally Condie, plus more – all packed into one day. It’s going to be awesome. No doubt about it. I personally can’t wait to meet Libba Bray again – she’s hilarious in person and never stops smiling. So, who are you excited to meet? What books do you want to get signed? Join me at this year’s Austin Teen Book Festival Saturday, September 29th!” – Willa
Check out these and all The Austin Teen Book Festival Authors here. Check  The Austin Teen Book Festival website for insider info and the latest updates. See you Saturday!

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