Teen Thursday

Thursday, Sweet Thursday. Nothing makes us feel more youthful than a fast approaching weekend and grab bag of YA fun.

Check out our Teen Press Corps exclusive interview with Beth Revis, PJ Hoover, and KA Holt. This time there are some curve ball questions thrown into the mix! The teens did an awesome job.

“BP: If you could be trapped on a deserted island with two other authors (dead or alive) who would they be?

BR: JK Rowling and CS Lewis.
PJ: Homer and Tolkien.
KA: Ray Bradbury and Harper Lee!”

For the full Q&A click HERE.


Harry Potter’s birthday was this week, July 31 in fact! Coincidentally the same day as J.K. Rowling’s B-Day. We hope you all celebrated in wizarding style, butterbeers all around. With celebration also came the announcement of a very special limited edition Harry Potter 31 disc movie box set to be released September 7. Check it out!

and some goodies for you to enjoy


Gillian Flynn author of Gone Girl talks YA and her teen favorite Flowers in the Attic with NPR.

“At age 13, I survived almost entirely on green apple Jolly Ranchers and Flowers in the Attic, and to this day I can’t look at the book without my mouth watering.”

“I’d been a girl who loved fairy tales, but it was never (never, never, never) the princess who interested me. It was the witch. Flowers in the Attic has witches of many stripes: The children’s righteous grandmother-slash-jailer has plenty of rules, a generous definition of sin, and a ready whip. But even more enthralling to me was the kids’ beautiful, helpless, princess of a mother, who convinces herself by slow, damning turns that she’s doing the right thing, and then, overtaken by greed, stops caring whether she’s doing the right thing. That’s when bad things really start to happen.”

To read the full article click HERE.


” I love Libba Bray’s books – it doesn’t matter what they’re about. The Diviners is set in New York City in the 20’s, a time period that makes for great fiction – but a mystery mixed with secret powers? That makes it even better. So get excited for The Diviners!” — Willa

We couldn’t be more pumped for Libba Bray’s new book, The Diviners. Be sure to come by the Austin Teen Book Festival Sept 29, 2012 when Libba will be the closingnote speaker! The Austin Teen Book Festival is absolutely FREE. Click here for full details.

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