Review: TASTEFUL NUDES by Dave Hill

Dave Hill isn’t all charm and bluster. Charm and bluster are certainly two essential components of the Dave Hill package, but to claim that nothing lies beneath his witty exterior would belie the comedic complexity and affecting sincerity of Tasteful Nudes, his debut collection of autobiographical essays, which catalogue his “misguided attempts at personal growth and validation”.  As a frequent contributor to This American Life, host of The Dave Hill Explosion at the UCB Theatre, celebrated guitar hero, and former star of television’s The King of Miami, Dave Hill has amassed several lifetimes worth of absurd and illuminating anecdotes in the time it would take you or I to collect a fraction of the same. His unique credits also qualify him as one of our generation’s leading Dave Hill experts, so Tasteful Nudes will surely be remembered as among the most reliable Dave Hill memoirs in history.

Dave Hill!

Written as an intimate monologue, reading Tasteful Nudes feels like you’re engaged in a breezy conversation with your buddy, Dave Hill, and it’s easy to forget that he’s not standing behind you, poised to supply a pat on the back or a knowing wink at the height of the action. The memoir documents his creative journey, ascending from the life of an unassuming Ohioan to the triumphant existence of New York City pedicab driver and all things in between (and lots of things after). Thrill as our intrepid hero casts off the bonds of human clothing to interview a cruise ship occupied by militant nudists! Cringe as our forlorn funnyman is flung into a series of increasingly awkward situations by his well-meaning parents! Stagger as yet another cockamamie scheme succeeds despite all odds! Weep with appreciation as Dave Hill saves the day again and again and again! Even the most heart-wrenching situations are rendered hilarious by the author’s acerbic wit and penchant for shameless self-promotion, which collude to devise a collection of essays that is both accidentally-erupt-with-laughter-in-public funny and hyphen-defyingly touching.

Dave Hill will speak and sign at BookPeople on Saturday July 14th at 7:00 p.m. The event is, as always, free to attend and open to the public. In order to have anything signed, we humbly ask that you purchase a copy of Tasteful Nudes from BookPeople. Attendance of this event is a prerequisite for attaining honorificabilitudinitatibus.

Copies of Tasteful Nudes are available in-store and from our website, We are currently taking orders for signed copies in advance of Dave Hill’s 7/14 event.

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