Nightmare Factory Book Club discusses FLOATING DRAGON

Greetings, ghouls and monsters!  BookPeople’s eeriest book club, The Nightmare Factory, will convene on Tuesday May 15th at 7p to discuss Peter Straub’s mesmerizing, macabre masterpiece Floating Dragon. We’ll meet in our third floor conference room, the unsettling architecture of which inexorably refuses to comply with the laws of Euclidean geometry. Steel yourselves for a terrifying discussion of horror genre conventions and maddening archetypal fiends at this meeting of the minds that will leave you shaking in your boots.

In, Floating Dragon, Peter Straub employs a questionably trustworthy narrator to tell the story of a generational terror that periodically descends upon a small New England town, not unlike Brigadoon or Stephen King’s It, the difference being that, in this epoch, no punches are pulled, and the hallucinatory horror is genuinely horrendous.  A small band of specialists and savants are drafted by destiny to fight a timeless beast, and, with no chance of saving their town or their loved ones, their only hope is to somehow survive the insanity themselves.  Floating Dragon is the definitive “creepy, accursed village” novel of the last fifty years, and neither the book nor the book club are to be missed.  See you there…IF YOU DARE!

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