Fifty Shades of Grey Drinking Game

~Post by Nolan

The Fifty Shades of Grey drinking game as presented by the (now hungover) employees of BookPeople:

We suggest browsing the book a little beforehand to find the juicy stuff and dog ear those sections. To keep the rhythm going, we also suggest passing the book to the next reader every time one of the drinking rules is read. For setting the mood we suggest the greatest hits of R. Kelly (it’s sort of perfect when “I Believe I Can Fly” comes on). The rules are as follows.

Drink every time:

– The word Grey/Gray is used (for the hardcore players)

– Ana says or thinks “Oh my”/”Oh crap”/”Holy Sh**”/”Holy F***” or any variation of these.

– Ana refers to her “sex”.

– Every time there’s a climax (and I don’t mean in the story’s plot).

– Ana’s “inner goddess” is battling her “subconscious” and either are mentioned.

– Ana flushes.

– Ana giggles.

– A foil packet is referred to.

And finally….

– Take a shot when someone at the party says 50 shades of f***ed up…but only if you want to be 50 shades, also.

16 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Drinking Game

  1. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but there is a true love story there. Ana brings forth feelings in Christian that he has never experienced with anybody else.

    How surprised I was to find out it was the closest thing to female erotica that I have read. But my interest in psychology kept me reading. After just thinking, this guy is “F’d UP!” I began to think of the possibilities of how he got that way. That made me keep reading on.

  2. Well, if a book can be used as a good drinking game, I might actually have to read it! I’m always up for a drinking game, and some reading has never hurt anyone 🙂

  3. I know I’m late to the game bc I’m just now reading the book(s)–how about every time his long fingers are mentioned?!

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