BookPeople Tech Guy Offers to Fly Nick Harkaway to US




We at BookPeople have been deeply in love with Nick Harkaway’s book The Gone-Away World ever since it spread through the office like a ninja-induced FOX fire. So when we heard Harkaway was bringing us a new book, leaving the post-apocalyptic world behind for a noir influenced comedy, we were excited. As in advanced copies were stolen from employees excited. As in friendships and alliances were forged in the name of Harkaway’s sophomore novel while bitter enemies rose from the ashes of failed attempts to obtain a reader excited. We want to meet this master of genre defying literature, and one man has risen to the challenge of bringing him here to the states.

“Yeah, The Gone-Away World was good,” Matthew Curtis, BookPeople’s tech manager, boldly says. “I’m looking forward to reading Angelmaker.” Matthew has offered to pay Nick Harkaway’s travel expenses to Austin, TX, including airfare, hotel stay, and living costs (up to a total of $100), if Harkaway agrees to do a book signing here. But money isn’t going to be enough to bring the author from Cornwall, England to Austin, TX (especially at these exchange rates). Matthew has a written plea to the author ready in order to sway Harkaway’s emotions:

“Hey Nick,

The Gone-Away World was good. I’m looking forward to reading Angelmaker. Wanna come to Austin?


Matthew bought three copies in order to finish as soon as possible!

Powerful stuff! “It’s a really fun read,” exclaims Marie passionately, “I’m almost finished and I look forward to seeing how the plot-lines all fit together.” Wow! “Quintessentially English,” Raul states while pensively looking off into the distance, “Harkaway is a delight to read.” Amazing!

We can't get enough!

Witty, understated, and thought-provoking, Nick Harkaway is a gem in the world of contemporary fiction. His book The Gone-Away World made the favorites list of many an employee and the general consensus on his new book, Angelmaker, has been thumbs up. When Harkaway feels like getting out of England, our tech manager has his expenses to Austin covered up to $100! Fantastic!

(Post by BP Tech Manager Matthew Curtis)

4 thoughts on “BookPeople Tech Guy Offers to Fly Nick Harkaway to US

  1. I have spoken to my horde of loyal molemen about tunnelling to Austin. Please arrange to have a clear space not less than a half mile in radius where we can surface, to avoid issues with traffic and housing. Also, I will need stabling facilities for several hundred giant beetles…

    Guys, thanks so much. And you, in particular, Mr Curtis! When I come to Austin – which has to happen sooner or later! – we must drink of the beer and eat of the hamburgers and make merry.



  2. How did you know? Maybe we’ve become quite the cliche here in Austin, but I really enjoy eating, drinking, and making merry! If you want to spend the $100 in pitchers of beer, that’s absolutely your decision.

    Look forward to meeting you and having you sign the mass amounts of illegally manufactured merchandise I sell based on your books (the Gone-Away Ninja Robe sells out every October, thank you).

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