Collecting Donations for Leslie Cochran

As of Friday, March 2nd 9am BookPeople will accept donations for the recovery expenses of Austin icon Leslie Cochran, hospitalized this week and currently recuperating from brain surgery at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center.

Soon after learning of Cochran’s hospitalization, BookPeople contacted Cochran’s friend Debbie Russell to inquire about expenses incurred by the surgery and hospital stay. Russell indicated that Cochran would be in great need of funds for housing and other expenses post-hospitalization.

“Leslie has a long history with BookPeople, beginning when Leslie started using the store as a place to keep some of his things while he wandered around town delighting everyone with his somewhat weird behavior,” said BookPeople CEO Steve Bercu. “His magnet sets have been bestsellers here. Over the years, the craze for Leslie has seen us in a television interview together discussing the nature of his popularity and general ‘weirdness’ in Austin. He’s a friend. We want to do what we can to help him.”

Donations will be accepted in-store. Anyone interested in donating can do so directly at BookPeople’s registers beginning when the store opens at 9am on Friday, March 2nd. BookPeople will give a Leslie magnet set to each person who donates $10 or more.

3 thoughts on “Collecting Donations for Leslie Cochran

  1. Hi.

    I would like to donate — is there a place I could do this online? Also, is there a place online where I can buy his magnets?


    1. At this time, we’re only accepting donations in-store. Magnets are not available for sale online. If you give us a call 512-472-5050 we can probably work something out over the phone.

  2. Kiaora I just wanted to say all the way from new Zealand your amazing Leslie Ive only just got to know who you are in the last ten minutes and i feel sad that this has happen to you, this ultra weird guy, that got my attention on the net instead of the streets of Austin how cool that.

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