My Vicious Valentine: LA Weatherly

It’s no secret that bookstores often get advanced copies of books from publishers.  We get them so our buyers know what books to order, so that the booksellers can recommend them, and so I can give them to our teens to review.  However, I often read copies of the books too, and sometimes provide blurbs as well.  A while back I was contacted by Candlewick to provide a blurb for use in tip sheets for other booksellers for Angel Burn by LA Weatherly (an author who is speaking at the Vicious Valentine panel Feb. 10). Here’s what I wrote:

Who would have guessed that angels could be bad?  L.A. Weatherly did in her exciting new novel that pits half-angel/half-human Willow and angel hunter Alex against the ethereal creatures out to conquer mankind.  Filled with action and suspense along with a paranormal romance, I can see this book appealing to a large number of teens, especially girls.  I look forward to telling kids about this, especially the girls in our Teen Book Club.  This is exactly the kind of book they love.

And then, one of our teen reviewers got a hold of a copy.  Here are her thoughts:

The idea of the whole story is very intriguing. The Church of Angels idea is very interesting. The main character, Willow, is also pretty neat. She’s good at fixing cars, and even though she’s kind of outcast, she’s still pretty cool and I would love to get to know her in real life.

To read the rest of Meredith’s review, click here.  To learn more about the Vicious Valentine panel LA Weatherly will be participating in, click here.

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