‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is Headed for the Big Screen

It’s official – John Green’s #1 bestelling YA novel The Fault In Our Stars has been optioned for a movie. All right, Nerdfighters, let’s start the casting call. Who do you see playing Hazel and Augustus?

10 thoughts on “‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is Headed for the Big Screen

  1. Chloe Moretz or Saoirse Ronan for Hazel (can both play fiesty, not conventionally beautiful, terrific actresses), Logan Lerman (mahogany hair, piercing blue eyes, nice deep voice, well kinda short for a basketball player but he could pass for a guard šŸ™‚ for Augustus and the actor playing the gay brother on Shameless Cameron Monaghan as Isaac

  2. This book made me think of the world in a whole new way. I highly recomend this book to everyone not just teenagers. It made me cry, laugh and want more to the story. It was never boring. It jas made me stronger as a person. It was also nice to have a romanc with it too. This has got to be one of my favorite books yet.

  3. Love the book!

    Hazel: Hailee Steinfeld (or madeline caroll, taissa farmiga, liz olsen, shaileen woodley)
    Gus: Logan Lerman (or Tom Sturridge [too old though], douglas booth)

    Hope to make this movie soon! šŸ˜€

  4. Definitely Saoirse Ronan for Hazel because she’s just perfect for it. She can perfectly play that role from what I can see watching The lovely Bones. As for Gus, Logan Lerman. He plays those kind of characters extremely well. Gus is the character that stays strong even though inside he’s really weak and is calling out for help. When I look at how Logan Lerman acts, i just feel like he’s the only one that actually bring this character to life. Both, Saoirse Ronan and Logan Lerman fit the character descriptions really well, so they should be casted.

  5. I personally think you should find someone new out there to play Hazel. She’s a unique character and needs a new face, not one that has already been in many productions already.

    buuuuut I could see Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawerence

  6. i would go for saoirse and logan as well. saoirse already proved she could pull off almost anything when it comes to intense drama. on the other hand, peopl from the early perks of being a wallflower screening said logan’s performance was worthy of awards consideration so im going for the both of them for hazel and augustus.

  7. Saoirse Ronan for Hazel, I saw five movies with her in it and I know she can play whatever character assigned to her. By the way those movies are a big hit. And for Augustus, I really suggest Logan Lerman for it. He is fit for the part, he has this new movie coming out this September called Perks Of Being A Wallflower and I can tell that part would be so difficult because I read that book and it is really emotional. So for me I would really go with them.

  8. Personally, I agree that someone relatively unknown should play Hazel. My personal choice would be Taissa Farmiga. And for Augustus, I can’t imagine anyone but Grant Gustin. He’s what I pictured the entire time I read it.

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