The Future of Us

Back in 1996, two best friends log onto the internet using their modem and an AOL CD (remember those?), and suddenly find their future Facebook profiles that they will have fifteen years later.

At least that’s the premise of the new book from YA superstar authors Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler.  It’s an intriguing concept.  Many of us wonder if we would do things different if we had knowledge of our future selves.  The characters in this book have just that opportunity.

And that got me wondering, if I had the opportunity would I try to change things in my past knowing that it would affect the future?  Admittedly, there are parts of my past that I have no desire to relive, but on the other hand those experiences brought me where I am today, and generally, I’m content with my current life.

So now I ask you:

And to get more information about Asher and Mackler’s new book, The Future of Us, visit their Facebook page (of course) for videos, quizzes and the first chapter of the book.  And once you are a fan, consider meeting them on January 23 at 7PM when they’ll be in the store hanging out and signing books.  For more event info, click here.

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