Review: Clockwork Prince

The hunt is still on for Mortmain, the man who is organizing an army of clockwork monsters to destroy all Shadowhunters, and the stakes are heating up. After the break in and loss of a Pysix, the control over the Institute hangs in the balance. The Council has ordered Charlotte and the young Shadowhunters, Will and Jem, to hunt down the dangerous man and end the terror before more lives are lost. Tessa joins the hunt even though she is not a  Shadowhunter. In fact, she isn’t exactly sure what she is. Not a mundane. Not a warlock. Nephilim, maybe? Finding Mortmain isn’t easy, he is always one step ahead of the Shadowhunters and knows their every move. How is this

Relationships, past and present, are what drive this book. The story is like a who’s who of downworlders, but Clare master’s the third-person narrative and I was never lost. The relationship between Tessa, Will, and Jem take several twists and turns that are surprising. Both gentlemen vie for Tessa’s attention and she is often confused about her feelings. Who should she love, if anyone? Should she follow her heart? Who won’t leave her the most devastated? It seems like both will break her heart in way or another in the end. But, she does make her choice. Only, was it the right one?

Tessa’s unknown identity, the cat and mouse game with Mortmain, and the romance keep the pages turning in this sequel to Clockwork Angel. Set in Victorian London, Clockwork Prince is part steampunk, part romance, and all fantasy! This one is way worth staying up late for!

Reviewed by Jen Bigheart
from I Read Banned Books

2 thoughts on “Review: Clockwork Prince

  1. This book was so amazing written I couldn’t stop turning the pages!! I absolutely LOVE the Infernal Devices! Can’t wait for Clockwork Princess.

  2. This book made me completely mad! I loved it still and all the books by this author, but if the series doesn’t end how I want it to I’m going to be completely pissed.

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