As the Book World Turns…

The Goodreads Choice Awards were announced, with readers showing some YA love and selecting Veronica Roth’s Divergent as their favorite book of 2011.

Laura Miller over at Salon picked her top five novels of 2011. And the best nonfiction.

NPR has great book picks from indie booksellers.

The New York Times has an interesting piece about the emphasis publishers are putting on a physical book’s design elements in this age of ebooks.

Online lit mag Full Stop has started a new series called ‘The Situation in American Writing’, based on a 1939 The Partisan Review questionnaire that asked authors their opinions of politics, current events, literature and themselves. Here are the answers from Marilynne Robinson.

Adbusters co-founder Kalle Lasn, who organized the first Occupy Wall Street demonstration, landed a book deal with Seven Stories Press for Occupy Evon 101, a “textbook for the future.”

Publisher Harper Perennial confirmed that we have a new novel to look forward to from Michael Chabon in 2012, Telegraph Avenue.

Rapper 50 cent landed a deal for a new workout book with Penguin.

Kurt Vonnegut’s son, Mark Vonnegut (author of the books The Eden Express and Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only Moreso) took Charles Shields to task on the portrayal of the senior Vonnegut in Shields’ new biography, And So It Goes saying, “I’m happy to reassure you that Kurt did not die a bitter man who kept thinking he was a failure.”

After the EU announced it would investigate potential anti-trust issues regarding ebook pricing, the Justice Department here in the states did the same.

In a move to expand its publishing arm, Amazon acquired over 450 titles originally published by Marshall Cavendish.

The results of a survey this week stated that 24% of people who shop online saw the item they purchased in a brick and mortar store first. This news may or may not be what prompted online retail behemoth Amazon to announce a certain deal. There have been a few reactions: from the ABA; from a bookseller at Left Bank Books; from Roxanne Cody at RJJulia booksellers; the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance; bookseller and author Emma Straub; bookseller Chris Hoyt.

We’re bustling with holiday shoppers this week and looking forward to a big weekend. We have Austin Groups for the Elderly wrapping gifts for donations today from 2-6pm, and 12-4pm on Sunday. Our Giving Tree is up on the second floor in BookKids; select a snowflake and give the gift of a book to a child in our community. There are very many good books to choose from this year, we’re happy to recommend the best for the folks on your list. We’ll see you around the store!

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