A Few Things You Should Know Before Buying An eReader

~Post by Buyer & Inventory Operations Supervisor Elizabeth Jordan

Tablets like the iPad and e-readers like the Nook will undoubtedly be among some of the hottest gifts this holiday season. We know that a great many of our customers have already made the plunge into the digital reading world and that many more will do so soon. Going digital, however, does not have to mean going corporate. You can embrace the digital future of reading and still support your local bookstore. We sell e-books. All of them. And, thanks to the support of our publisher friends, we sell them at the same price as the other guys.

There are a few things you should know before you commit to that e-reading device for yourself or someone on your list, however.

A few months ago we received a customer comment that read:

“I have moved to the Kindle and want to still support you. Could you partner with Amazon in such a way that if I bought the book while in your store you would get a cut of the sale?”

This is one of the most common questions we receive about e-books and while we appreciate the fact that our Kindle-using customers still want to support us, the fact is that KINDLE = AMAZON. The Amazon Kindle (in all its numerous forms) is a proprietary device and as such any user of it is committed to buying all of their e-book content from Amazon. And while the thought of Amazon some day wanting to partner with the independent bookstores that so often drive their customers’ tastes and purchases is charming, Amazon’s actions in the past, make that seem an unlikely future.

If you want to read digitally and it is important to you to remain loyal to your local, independent bookstore, then please consider any of the other e-reading devices available for sale. We can be your digital bookstore for any device other than the Kindle (yes, we even sell e-books for Barnes & Noble’s Nook!). So, if you’re in the market for an e-reading device, check out this chart to compare and contrast the numerous options. But remember, KINDLE = AMAZON.

Finally, if you do find yourself the brand new owner of shiny new e-reading device this holiday season, we’d love to show you how to become a BookPeople e-book customer. Starting in the week after Christmas we will be offering an e-book concierge service. Make an appointment, bring in your new e-reading device and one of our specially trained booksellers will walk you through the process of buying e-books from BookPeople. Keep checking our blog for more details of this program as they become available.

At BookPeople we champion reading in all of its forms. From the physical book to the e-book, we strive to get the right book in the right format in the right hands. We have always been the source you trust for book recommendations and we want to continue to play that role for you even if your future reading habits migrate from the physical to the e-book. Thank you for your support.

21 thoughts on “A Few Things You Should Know Before Buying An eReader

  1. I am in the process of buying a tablet – Can we access your ebook lisitng and download titles through the Kindle for tablet app or through the ebook app for that specific tablet? (I’m looking at the Toshiba Thrive 32gb model)

    1. Any Kindle app is going to direct you to buy ebooks only from Amazon. However, if you’re able to download the IndieBound Reader to your device, you can buy ebooks from us that way. I’m going to look into the Toshiba Thrive model you’re looking at and find out what’s possible so I can give you a definite answer. Thanks for inquiring!

    2. The Toshiba Thrive 32gb is an Android device, which is great news! This means you can download the IndieBound Reader App, choose BookPeople as your bookstore, and download your ebooks from us. Here’s the site to go to in order to download the reader: http://www.indiebound.org/reader

      You can download the IndieBound Reader to any Android device. Any device created by Amazon – Kindle, Kindle Fire – will only allow you to purchase books from Amazon; same for any Amazon apps, they will only allow you to buy your ebooks from them.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. I’ve been on the fence about jumping on the e-reader bandwagon. Thanks to this helpful post, I now know that if I ever do go digital, I’m getting the B&N Nook. I’m so glad that BookPeople (aka the best independent book store in the nation!) is catering to the ever-growing e-reading clientele. It’s really the only way to stay afloat. And I don’t know what I would do if BookPeople went out of business!

  3. Julie,

    I have a Kindle but also like to support local bookstores. What i’ve done is take the purchased ebook brought it into Calibre and made a modification then emailed it to my Kindle. It’s a long way around but I do like the function and form of the Fire.

    1. Unfortunately, no, the Indiebound app can’t be downloaded to any Kindle device. Kindle devices will only allow readers to purchase ebooks from Amazon, so the app isn’t compatible.

  4. I also have a Kindle and use Calibre. It is a fantastic option and opens up the Kindle to any format of books (as long as there is no DRM). If you have a Kindle, Calibre also provides some options to better organize your books such as Kindle Collections.

    1. For iPads, you can now download the new (free, of course) Indiebound Reader that will allow you to easily organize and read Google eBooks downloaded from http://www.bookpeople.com. In order to download eBooks from BookPeople on your iPad, open your Safari browser and go to http://www.bookpeople.com. They should download straight into your Indiebound Reader. If you have any problems or questions, shoot an email to ebooks@bookpeople.com so we can get you quick help with it.

  5. I got an Amazon Kindle Fire for Christmas (yay for my wonderful husband!) but I remembered this article as soon as I opened the gift. However, I found a way to get the IndieBound Reader on the Fire (quick and easy), and last night I even bought the ebook version of A Tale Dark & Grimm from BookPeople through the IndieBound Reader on my Kindle Fire.

    So, if you’re like me and got a Fire for Christmas and don’t want to swap it but still want to support BookPeople, here’s how I did it: http://bit.ly/u3gIyp

    Thanks, BookPeople, for being an amazing bookstore and ebookstore!

  6. hi there … i have a kindle fire living in europe. im about to download ur app. so i would like to know if its also possible to get magazines from your app?
    thank you

  7. I have just been given a Kobo e reader and am totally ignorant about where other than my local bookseller i can purchase reading material and confused as to the possible ways of doing this.Help!

    1. Thanks for your question! You can purchase e-Books from your local bookseller just as you can purchase print books from us. Here’s a page on our website that might prove helpful for you: http://www.bookpeople.com/how-download-read-google-ebooks-bookpeople. You should be able to download the android version of the IndieBound Reader app to your Kobo (http://www.indiebound.org/reader), select your bookstore by zip code (we’re 78703) and then download Google e-Books to your device.

      If you’d like some free one-on-one help, send an email to ebooks@bookpeople.com and you can set up an appointment with someone here who will gladly walk you through the whole process. We’re here to help!

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