This Is Our Favorite Book

For the past 5 years, BookPeople has created a catalog featuring booksellers and their favorite books of the year, entitled “This Is My Favorite Book”.  The catalog is one of my very favorite things to do each year.  From choosing the bookseller essays to crafting a photo concept to actually taking the photos to inputting over 100 amazing books, our annual catalog is a big job, but one that always comes together in the end and is something the whole store is really proud of.

Take a look at the catalog, and let us know what you think! Featured titles include The Night Circus, Those Guys Have All the Fun, Galore, The Psychopath Test, Beauty Queens, Ready Player One, and more.

We have plenty of copies of the catalog in the store that we encourage you to pick up (they make great shopping guides).  And the next time you see any of the featured booksellers, make sure you treat the featured booksellers like the stars that they are!

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