Christopher Paolini Returns to BookPeople!

The final book in Christopher Paolini’s mega-bestselling series that began with Eragon is about to be released! Inheritance will go on sale nationwide next Tuesday, November 8th. We’re thrilled to welcome Christopher Paolini back to BookPeople to celebrate the conclusion of this incredible saga on Saturday, November 19th, 2pm.

We’ve been getting a lot of calls and inquiries about this event. Here’s how it will work:

  • Paolini will speak and sign books inside of BookPeople on Saturday, November 19th, 2pm.
  • Tickets are required to join the signing line at this event. We’ll begin distributing tickets for the signing line when we open on Tuesday, November 8th at 9am. Tickets will ONLY be distributed with the purchase of a copy of Inheritance from BookPeople. It’s simple – you buy a book, you get a ticket. Purchases can be made in-store or over the phone (512-472-5050.) Purchases cannot be made online.
  • Each ticket has a letter on it. This letter designates which group you’ll be in for the signing the day of the event. We begin with good old letter A and move through the alphabet, calling each group to line up one by one. Each letter group has approximately 50 people in it. The sooner you buy your book, the earlier you’ll be called to line up for the signing the day of the event.
  • We will not be taking pre-orders of Inheritance, or orders for signed copies. If you would like a signed copy of this book, please call us (512-472-5050) the day after the event and we can help you then.

Because Christopher Paolini has SO MANY fans who will want to meet him the day of the event, there are some signing guidelines in place to help things move along at a steady pace:

  • He will personalize ONE copy of Inheritance (purchased from BookPeople) and will sign (signature only) up to three other books per person who has a ticket.
  • Only books will be signed at this event, no memorabilia.
  • Posed photos will not be allowed at the signing table. Photos in passing from the signing line are fine, but must not hold up the flow of the line.

Questions? Please give us a call. Excited to read the end to this amazing series? So are we!

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