Mugs! T-Shirts! Squirrel Underpants!

Obviously, BookPeople has tons of books. New releases, old favorites, signed books, kids books… you know to come here to pick up the books on your reading list.  But have you ever shopped our awesome selection of gift items?


I love our gift items, and I have a tendency to buy presents for every single family member here.  A Keep Austin Weird mug for Dad? Check. A Zombie shirt for my brother-in-law? Got it. A Texas-shaped cookie cutter for Mom? Yup. Squirrel underpants for my son’s stocking? You bet.  Bananagrams for my sister? Done.

Take a gander at our gift items available online, and check out our full array of gift items the next time you’re in the store, including one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, tons of stationery, great journals, cute bags… I bet you’ll find some unique items to check off your gift list (and maybe find a little something for yourself, too).

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