Something Magical is Happening….

What’s that lovely aroma?  Is it popcorn popping?  Cider mulling?  And now what’s that squeaking coming from the kitchen?  You say you saw little chocolate mice lining up on the counter?

And what’s that in the distance there, over in the Woo corner by the Magick books?  Black and white stripes….is that a tent?  It’s shimmering in and out of view.  And that CLOCK….

Something’s happening here at BookPeople.  Our second floor looks a bit brighter than usual, the edges of the floor and ceiling lifting like fine fabric to give us a glimpse of we’re not quite sure what.  An ice forest?  A cloud maze?  Is that woman’s dress changing colors?  What’s going on here?

Oh, yes. Of course.  The BookPeople Night Circus opens tomorrow at sunset. Are you ready? Don’t forget to wear a spot of red with your black and white, so we know who you are.

Tents open at 6:30pm.
Erin Morgenstern reads at 7:30pm.

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