As the Book World Turns

With 'The Night Circus' on sale this week, the world is indeed a more colorful place.

The Night Circus went on sale this week, to much fanfare here and in bookstores around the country. Read the reviews.

Emma Thompson will pick up the torch for Beatrix Potter and pen a new Peter Rabbit tale.

Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fame announced this week that he’s launching Reading Rainbow into the next millennium with educational iPad apps featuring videos, interactive videos, narrated books, and more. Why is he doing this?  From the article:  “Burton tells Fast Company he’s on a mission to ‘get kids hooked on books,’ and says his company is ‘going to where kids are today; those devices that they love to spend time on.'”

The family of Roald Dahl is beseeching fans to contribute to a fund to save his writing shed and preserve its contents.

In January, Archie Comics will feature its first gay wedding. GalleyCat has this Q&A with the illustrator who created the openly gay character (and groom-to-be) Kevin Keller.

The folks at Ecco books have given Anthony Bourdain his own book line.

Uber-bestselling (and prolific, check out her Wikipedia page) historical fiction author Philippa Gregory announced she’ll now try her hand at YA historical ficiton.

Upset by the fluffy chick-lit marketing of her novels, UK author Polly Courtney dropped her publisher, HarperCollins.

Buchpreisbindung – The Millions has a piece this week on the German practice of uniform pricing for all new books across online and brick & mortar retail outlets. Bill Morris writes in this piece, “It makes perfect sense to prosperous, book-loving Germans to pay a fair, strictly regulated price for new books because they believe that the health of the book industry – that is, of publishers, booksellers, and writers, from famous to unknown – is vital to the health of the whole society.”

Borders will close permanently on Sunday. Former CEO Mike Edwards spoke with Detroit News this week about what went wrong. From the article:  “It was like the Cuban missile crisis,” Edwards, 51, recalled in late August. “Our minds were thinking through any and all possible options to save the company.”

Amazon will soon start running ads for local voucher deals on certain Kindle screen savers when you’re not actually reading. So one minute, you can contemplate ‘To be or not to be,’ and the next, ‘To buy or not to buy.’

The marketing folks behind the new Disney Muppet movie took inspiration from a certain trailer for the film version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and made their own edgy, urgent Muppet trailer.

Bestselling Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell will see her teen series, The Carrie Diaries, which follows the life, love and fashion turmoil of a young Carrie Bradshaw, turned into a TV series.


If you’ve got a ticket to ACL this weekend, have fun, stay safe, drink plenty of water, and remember, don’t park in our parking lot. You’ll be towed, as per the property manager. Hey, we’re only looking out for you.

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