As the Book World Turns

Oh, what a world, what a world.

The big news this week and what has claimed the majority of our attention here at the store has of course been the wild fires that have been devastating Central Texas. Tonight, our event with Westlake firefighter and author Ryan Vacek will also be a donation drive for supplies (here’s the list of what’s needed.)  We’ll be prepared to collect donations of supplies 6:30 – 8:30pm.  We’ll continue to collect monetary donations to the Red Cross at our registers through the end of our business day today (11pm) and we’re donating a portion of our sales 9/6 – 9/9 to the Red Cross.

David Foster Wallace’s mother and widow removed some of the books in Wallace’s archives at the Harry Ransom Center in response to an article written by freelance writer Maria Bustillos which delved into notes Wallace made in the margins of self-help books regarding his relationship with his parents. (From the Statesman.)

Amazon cut a deal with the state of California to start paying sales tax in that state in 2012. Is a national online sales tax law next?

Google acquired Zagat.

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer raised a ton of money – $85,000to take themselves on tour. (I’m a Neil Gaiman fan, and I had my Dresden Dolls phase, but with the week of wild fires we’ve had here, it’s hard not to feel a little snarky about two famous people raising money to put on a fancy show they can star in. But I’m reigning in the snarkiness, folks, reigning it on in.)

The founder of Project Gutenberg and the man credited with inventing the ebook, Michael S. Hart, passed away this week.

Representative Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly will publish a memoir with Scribner.

Unbroken, the bestselling book by Laura Hillenbrand, has sold over one million copies in hardcover. What was that you said about print being dead? Mhmm.

The Millions has an in-depth conversation between Robert Birnbaum and (one of my personal favorite authors to host) Darin Strauss.  Also interesting at The Millions this weekadvice for aspiring writers on sending out short stories.

A love note written by Mark Twain to his wife made the rounds this week.

The book trailer for Murakami‘s highly anticipated novel 1Q84 was released, and here on the BP blog, we kicked off The Murakami Project.

Plenty of local businesses are continuing to accept donations to aid relief efforts for those affected by the wild fires. The Statesman has this list of how you can help. Have a safe weekend.


2 thoughts on “As the Book World Turns

  1. I’m afraid we’re not raising money to fund the shows or even the tour. (We’re doing them anyway, and paying the costs ourselves.) The Kickstarter campaign was to have them all professionally recorded, and have CDs pressed for people to be able to listen to the shows. (Starting with a $1 digital download.)

    1. Thanks for the clarification, that’s really good to know, I’m glad you commented and set us straight. It sounds like a really fun tour and the shows will surely be awesome.

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