TONIGHT: MysteryPeople Welcomes George Pelecanos

MysteryPeople welcomes George Pelecanos to the store tonight (Fri 9/2) at 7p to speak & sign 'The Cut.'

Tonight at 7p bestselling crime thriller author George Pelecanos graces our second floor, courtesy of MysteryPeople. Pelecanos will be speaking and signing his latest thriller, The CutWe’ll also have copies of Chosen to hand out, the short story that first featured Spero Lucas and which inspired the full length novel The Cut.

The reviews for The Cut have been spectacular:

The New York Times loved it.

Joe Gross of our own Austin American Statesman loved it.

So did the Los Angeles Times.

Even the oh-so-literary The Millions voiced their love, saying, “Unlike literary authors such as Michael Chabon and Colson Whitehead, who make calculated bombing runs at the fortress of genre from on high, Pelecanos is slowly blasting his way out, not abandoning the kinds of stories and characters that have served him so well, but deepening them, getting inside them in new ways.”

It must feel pretty dang good to be George Pelecanos’ publicist right now, not to mention George himself, who’s been writing like a madman for the page and the screen (you’ll recognize his name from the credits for The Wire) for years now.

Not to be outdone by these awesome reviews, MysteryPeople’s own Scott M. has this to say about The Cut, which he made his September Pick of the Month (and has been recommending to the rest of us) since he read the ARC:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet this acclaimed master of crime thrillers. Get on down here at 7p tonight and find out for yourself what everyone’s talking about.

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