CJ Box Comes to MysteryPeople With a Unique New Thriller

~Post by MysteryPeople Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery
will welcome CJ Box to BookPeople Friday, August 5, 7p


For years CJ Box has delivered one engaging read after another with his put-upon game warden Joe Pickett. His consistency had many of us taking him for granted. That ended when his first stand-alone, Blue Heaven, was published. The book’s carefully sculpted time frame and somewhat darker overtone earned him a reexamination of his work by readers, as well as The Edgar award. It also pushed him into the strongest period of his writing during which he produced some of his best Pickett books (both Nowhere To Run and Cold Wind are must reads), some truly unique short stories, and now his third stand-alone, Back Of Beyond.

Back Of Beyond features Cody Hoyt, the alcoholic cop who was a supporting player in Box’s Three Weeks To Say Goodbye. In this one, he struggles to hold on to the hard earned redemption he won in that book, when the two people who have kept him on that path are dead or in danger. You know our hero is far from the four-square Joe Pickett when the story opens with “The night before Cody Hoyt shot the county coroner…”

With less than sixty days of sobriety, he finds the body of his AA sponsor in a burned out cabin. Most of his fellow cops want to write it off as suicide, but Cody thinks different. His only lead is that the killer may have taken a guided tour through the back wilderness of Yellowstone, where no vehicle can reach. It’s a trip that Cody’s son is also on.

The race to find the killer puts Cody on his own, with only his partner back at the office and a rough and ready (and funny) outfitter for assistance. Not only does the remote local put him in a place where nature can be as dangerous as the bad guys, it forces him to deal with his personal flaws and demons without support. As the adventure pushes him physically, it also takes him back of beyond his emotional endurance, having to deal with things that would break a normal man, much less a frayed one.

It’s his characters’ reach for grace that distinguishes Back Of Beyond from the standard thriller. As much as the book builds suspense on who the killer is and if Cody will get there before the bodies pile up, it’s the relationship that a father has with his child that proves to be the most precarious element in the book. For CJ Box it’s the struggle that is his hardest fought and that proves to be what matters most.

We always love having CJ to the store.  Join us on Friday, August 5th, at 7PM when he’s here to sign and discuss this great new book, Back Of Beyond.


For more on Back of Beyond, read the Kirkus Review, which says, “Once again, Box provides the complete suspense package: unobtrusively slick detection, buckets of surprises and mounting thrills, all amid his trademark settings in the majestic high country.

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