Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob Dylan turns 70 today.  Hard to believe, right?

Here are some of our favorite books about the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

When Bob Met Woody

This amazing children’s book, written by Gary Golio and illustrated by Marc Burckhardt, follows Bobby Zimmerman as he leaves Minnesota, takes on a new identity, and meets his musical hero, Woody Guthrie.  The story is great, but, to me,  the illustrations are the real stand out here.

Positively 4th Street

David Hajdu’s look at how Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mimi Baez Farina, and Richard Farina converged to basically create the iconic folk sound of the 60s. (Julie says, “I read this book years ago and LOVED it. I learned a lot and still use its anecdotes to impress friends. A comprehensive and fair look at the relationships of four influential people. You’ll feel like you’re there. Read it.”)

Bob Dylan Writings 1968-2010

Greil Marcus brings together dozens of his writings about Bob, whom he has followed throughout his career.  A must for the superfan.

Bob Dylan in America

Instead of a collection of essays on why his music matters, Wilentz looks at how Bob Dylan has shaped and changed America herself.

And, finally…

Chronicles, Volume 1

Hear the story of his life from the man himself.  Beautiful.  Essential.

Did we miss your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bob!

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this post. I’m a big fan of Bob Dylan… can you please tell me where can I buy his book? thanks and have a nice day!

    1. Which book? Chronicles, Volume 1? If you clink the book cover, it will take you to our website where you can buy a copy. I hope you enjoy it!

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