DFW ‘The Pale King’ Round-up

If you’re a fan of David Foster Wallace, then you’ve likely been reveling in the plethora of articles and reviews that have flooded media outlets surrounding the release of his unfinished posthumous novel, The Pale King. In honor of the book’s original release date, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here.  For an exhaustive listing of anything and everything that has ever made mention of David Foster Wallace, we highly recommend you visit The Howling Fantods.

For a live action remembrance of Wallace and to hear authors read passages from The Pale King, head on down to Jessen Auditorium in Homer Rainey Hall across the street from the Harry Ransom Center tonight at 7pm.  After the reading, head to the HRC for a reception and to see items from Wallace’s archives currently on display.  We’ll be selling books there, stop by and say hello.

Reviews of The Pale King:

New York Times, The London Review of Books, Huffington Post, The RumpusThe Millions,  GQ, Time, Tom McCarthy in the NYT Book Review, Salon, Esquire, BookPeople


NPR interview with Wallace’s agent, Bonnie Nadell, and editor Michael Pietsch, who was tasked with putting The Pale King together.

Inside Wallace’s Self-Help Library.  (An analysis of DFW based on notes in the margins of the self-help books in his library, which now reside in his archives at the HRC.)

Really great, in-depth piece in the Boston Review: How to Be Happy: The Ethics of David Foster Wallace.

The Guardian interview with Wallace’s widow, Karen Green.  (Check out her gloves.)

Lengthy (and fascinating) video interview with DFW’s agent Bonnie Nadell

A series of drafts of Chapter 9 of The Pale King, courtesy of Little, Brown and the Harry Ransom Center.

Six novelists, including one of our favorites, Darin Strauss, got together to talk DFW and The Pale King over the The Daily Beast.

Jonathan Franzen contributed a piece to the New Yorker about his deep friendship with Wallace.

Funny: the first page of Infinite Jest was posted anonymously for review on Yahoo Answers.

David Foster Wallace Tax Tips

And to remind us all that the literary giant was in fact as human as the rest of us: David Foster Wallace outtakes, from Mobylives.

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