The birth of MysteryPeople, our store within a store

In the last three years, BookPeople’s mystery section has grown into something special. Our stock as well as our sales have increased– especially with titles like Reed Farrel Coleman’s Moe Prager series, and some you can’t find at other stores. Mystery authors like CJ Box and Craig Johnson now make this store a stop on practically every book tour they have. We’ve attracted more fans of the genre, even from outside the city, to where it feels like we’re becoming Austin’s de facto mystery bookstore. So we’ve decided to make it official. On November 7th we’re launching our own mystery bookstore within a bookstore, MysteryPeople.

MysteryPeople will be a new experiment for our store, and it has authors and publishers excited. We will have more rotating displays. One will include a pick of the month, chosen by me, the Crime Fiction Coordinator. We’re also getting more books off the beaten path from independent publishers. Some I can’t wait to sell are from a group out of Oakland, Switchblade, that prints some truly hard-boiled, socially-aware stuff. We’ve talked about hosting a new mystery book club that would receive a signed first edition each month, a book group/class on noir fiction, and a focus on more dynamic events (I’ve already talked to Lori Armstrong to sign her new book, No Mercy, at a gun range).

Our first event will be our launch party on November 7th at 5PM, tied in with a signing for Akashic Books’ Lone Star Noir. One of the best series of short crime fiction, they focus on a certain place for each book, and they’ve finally turned their sights toward Texas. This edition includes award-winning authors like Joe Lansdale and Luis Alberto Urrea. There’s even a newly discovered piece by master James Crumley. Father and son editors, Bobby and Johnny Byrd will be on hand with writers George Weir, Ito Romo, and Jesse Sublett. Jesse will also be providing music, and Akashic has donated some books for a free drawing. To top things off, we”ll have free Lone Star beer on hand. So join us Sunday at 5PM as we start our life of crime.

— Scott Montgomery

P.S. Check out our new facebook page here.

One thought on “The birth of MysteryPeople, our store within a store

  1. very cool idea. i’d be interested in this
    “We’ve talked about hosting a new mystery book club that would receive a signed first edition each month”

    i do interviews almost weekly with mystery authors (as their new books come) and can help – if help is wanted – with hooking up both you guys with my interviews and maybe connecting subjects with scott and vice versa

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