Austin Kleon causes a Newspaper Blackout on 4/13

Austin Kleon does amazing things with a black marker. He doesn’t so much write poems, as free them from existing text;  like a sculptor carving a figure from a block of granite.  Kleon uses the New York Times for inspiration, marking out and whittling away at the articles until a new work is born.

Besides poetry, Kleon is a prolific blogger and cartoonist, and recently sketched these drawings of our LargeHeartedBoy Brunch.

Newspaper Blackout will be released tomorrow (Tuesday, April 13th) by Harper Collins,  and we’re proud to be hosting an inaugural signing party that night at 7PM. At the event, there will be cookies and materials for attendees to create their own blackout poems.

Here’s a clip of Austin on Texas Country Reporter where he describes the inspiration (or lack of… as he claims) for the project:

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